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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
6:26 pm
i changed my journal to ohcontradiction
its friends only.
i already added you if i read your journals.
add me back please please please.

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8:33 am
go home psychotomatofreak.

its summer and i cant sleep.

hope amys having fun in sf.

today i am watching zoolander.
and eating.
thats it.
and im happy with that.

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Monday, June 14th, 2004
10:10 am

why do i keep waking up so early.

look what i foundCollapse )

current mood: awake

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Sunday, June 13th, 2004
8:24 pm
someone email me. im so sick of aim.

i wish i wasnt such an overreacter. i cant even prevent that.
i wish i knew what you meant so i didnt take it so wrong.
because i know you dont intentionally make me feel this way.

coming back to carlsbad on wednesday until monday. i think. someone call me so we can do something.

current mood: confused

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9:52 am
you accept the love you think you deserve.
but it still hurts.

going to oceanside beach with my family again.
aarons coming. scott and clayton might come.
im sure shes turned them all against me anyway.
the beach should be fun.

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Saturday, June 12th, 2004
10:42 pm
sometimes i wonder if maybe im not ready for this kind of relationship. but most of the time you make me so happy that i cant imagine not trying. i hope i can see you this summer.

i hate you. what makes you think you can treat people this way?

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Friday, June 11th, 2004
9:44 pm
thats the only thing that makes me want to live in carlsbad again.
oh well.

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4:08 pm
you guys are amazing. each and everyone of you.

current mood: giddy

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9:28 am
its too early.
behind the wheel in an hour.
is it weird that i hate driving?

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Thursday, June 10th, 2004
10:34 pm
id just like to credit much of the hard work over to alyssa and amanda for helping me make my cooool new layout. i almost threw my computer out the window because i couldnt figure it out. oh what would i do without you guys.

hah im way too obsessed with this thing.

current mood: i feel emo. no good.

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7:20 pm
update number two of the day.
guess im starting off my summer right away.

i was talking to my mom about money and how i need a job.
she said that once school starts she wants me to concentrate on my grades the most. because my job is to get good grades. and that comes first. and i told her that i was gonna need money for things and she was telling me that she doesnt want me to have a job when school starts cos she thinks i need to work harder and stay on the track team and all that. the only reason shed make me get a job during school is if i were sitting around being bored with nothing to do. how come i get the feeling the first chance i need money shes gonna yell at me cos i dont have a job yet.

then tom started takling about college. im pretty sure i wanna go to cal state first. i know that a 4 year is probably so much better but we cant really afford that plus the fact that if i go to cal state i can get my core classes out of the way and then go to the university of my choice for my major. idk but that sounds better to me. maybe i wont get the whole everlasting friendship experience but who says you cant keep in touch with people. if you want something make it happen. i used to want to be a lawyer. than a psychologist. lately an english teacher sounds really cool. me and amy were talking about how we would work at chs. that would be great. lol

so im going to new york the 23. until the 30. that will be the longest freaking week of my life. then i was supposed to go to florida with my parents and grandparents. but my parents decided not to go. theyre excuse is work. but i know they love any chance they can get to be alone. im not saying my parents dont love me. but they love when me and ari are gone. so now im stuck in florida with my grandparents and my sister for two weeks. itll be fun for a few days. but this is going to turn into the longest summer of my life. i cant wait for school to start.

current mood: pessimistic

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5:06 pm

ok so livejournal hates me.
i just spent two hours adding pictures and making a long post and it erased it. i think i could cry.
its the last day of school.
this year was really great. it had its up and downs, socially and academically. but overall it was a good year. even tho i lost a really good friend, i also made many new ones that im really glad i met. i could have done better with my grades but this only makes me want to try harder next year. and next year is the most important. today was the perfect ending to this school year. i hope everyone else had a good day and will have a good summer.

amy thank you for what you said in my yearbook. i read it on the way home and it made me feel really good. im really glad weve made it through everything these past two years.

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current mood: aggravated with lj.

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Wednesday, June 9th, 2004
3:31 pm
tomorrow is easy final day! oh yes.

lunch at mcdonalds with amy and alyssa was disturbing.
i dont think i can ever eat a taco again.
thanks amy.

aviara is a prison. stay away.
saw scott and clayton. i hope i get to see them this summer.
i hope i get to see ANYONE this summer.

my mom wants your sunglasses amy.

seeing the day after tomorrow...tonight.
and garfield this weekend. hell ya.

no one ever comments on my posts.
youd think i told you not to.
i DARE you not to.
man im just too cool.

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
4:35 pm

met a lot of really cool people this year.

hope i meet more next year too.

this summer is gonna suck.
my sister is almost as tall as me.
are we going out to lunch tomorrow?

i like how i wanted austin to be in the pic but i couldnt find him...and then his tiny head shows up in the background. and how alex looks like he has to pee because cody is touching him in inappropriate places. haha

current mood: you know im really not sure

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Saturday, June 5th, 2004
2:24 pm

yesterday was my favorite day.
school was alright.
but after school i hung out with jonny until my dad came to pick me up. idk what it was but we were laughing so much. i felt like it used to be when we were just friends but we had so much fun. except this time we are closer so its so much better. 2 months yesterday. went by so fast. i love being with him.
then when i got home i went with ari and her friend to ponto and met the brother and scott and clayton there. aaron brought jeremy. had a good time.
then i went to amys and we all hung out on the swings. it was the eighth grade dance and the stupid secruity guard kicked us out. psh. losa. then we went and hung out in amys spa and watched the video from alyssas 16 surprise bday. it was pretty cool. i didnt know you could miss someone you hate so much. oh well. we kinda made a new video but it was basically 20 minutes of us sitting on amys bed talking. lol
we saw harry potter this morning. great movie. best 4 bucks ive ever spent in my life. i saw chase too. hes leaving for santa barbara today. im proud of him for doing something about his life. its about time. i kinda miss hanging out with him tho. oh well.
tomorrow im going to the pier with jonny all day. if its still cloudy i wanna see if we could go somewhere with jess and darin and ari and aaron. it could be fun but who knows. might just end up being really disturbing and horrible. whatever. hah
refugees in paradiseCollapse )

current mood: amused

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004
9:46 pm

i finished my project. YAY!!!!!!!!!!

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6:13 pm
just to let you all know, computers suck.

i have to turn in my english project tomorrow and i started it at my moms. but since shes in hawaii i sent it to my dads to finish it. only my dads computer wont let me open it. so now i get to fail. and my group is going to hate me. i should of known things couldnt be that easy. i better get typing on that freaking essay.

scott was nice enough to give me a ride home today. i forgot what a psycho he is with driving but other than that hes a nice guy. i hope i get to hang out with him this summer before he goes to college.we took pch cos he wanted to see the waves for surfing(i finally got to see what a rip curl looks like. scott showed me. pretty cool.) and i didnt get home until like 3. then i walked to rite aid and got some stuff for tomorrow and walked home. and my sisters phone got stolen. so were going to get new ones next week. hopefully ill find money by then. god i need a job.

i cant wait for school to end. no more stress. but then i have to stay home all day. and deal with the wrath of my mother telling me to get a job, even tho that involves me leaving the house which is impossible because i dont have my license yet. hmm.

i wish the drama would end. will it ever? hopefully it will at least get less stupid. did that make sense? oh well.

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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
7:39 pm
i drove home tonight.
my sister is convinced shes going to die while im driving.

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3:12 pm
oh moses.
so yesterday i went to the ortho. need surgery again. great.
then my mom wakes me up in the car and says youre getting out and driving us home. keep in mind i cant see out of one eye cos my contacts are blurred, plus i just woke up and my sister is screaming holy shit shes gonna kill us all, cos omg i put the car in drive.
the track banquet was alright. it only reminded me about how i used to be smart. and now im not. oh well.
so today in third period my mom calls me and goes oh so im going to hawaii tomorrow and youre gonna stay with your dad. great. im glad shes getting a break cos she needs it. from work. from us. from life. but this means a whole week with my dad. oy.
then i get home and my dad tells me i cant deal with your mother changing plans all the time and i cant pick you up tomorrow. so if anyone can give me a ride hoe id appreciate it. thanks.

i got a 72 on my math test. but it was better than all the people on my side of the room. even alex. whos a genius. and alana. who actually understood it. niiice.

im hoping to hang out with amy alyssa and amanda this weekend. should be really fun. im really excited. i miss you guys.

friday is the 4th. two months. :)

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Monday, May 31st, 2004
4:27 pm
spent the day at the beach with my family and aaron
i must say im a little sunburn.
its hot outside.

i kinda hope the whole summer is like this weekend was.
not really into the whole track banquet tomorrow.
oh well maybe itll be fun.
i get to leave school early for an ortho appointment.
oh yes.

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